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House inspectionOne of the main reasons given for emigration to Spain is the beautiful weather that we experience throughout the year here. When purchasing properties, most people want to make sure that their outdoor living areas are in prime condition so that they can enjoy the Spanish lifestyle.

The instructions that we received from a property agency client, in respect of a potential buyer in Estepona, concerned a covered outdoor barbecue area. Could Survey Spain inspect the roof and decide what – if any – work needed to be undertaken and at what cost?

We responded to the request immediately with a quote:

“With reference to your enquiry on behalf of your client for an inspection of the roof of their barbecue area, I anticipate that our fee would be a maximum of 300€. This will allow for travelling each way, surveying the roof and providing a written report.

Upon instruction and once I have visited the property I would be able to confirm the actual fee, but would put a ceiling of 300€.”

We visited the property, which was situated west of San Pedro, and were able to take a close look at the problem area, provide a full written survey and recommend a possible course of action. To summarise:

“The client required a report on the soundness of the roof as there appeared to be some problems with it. In a short time we were able to complete the survey and furnish our client with a detailed written report highlighting specific problems of shoddy workmanship and doubtful materials. We provided suggestions for solutions to the problems, both physical and administrative. Our client was impressed with the speed of our service and depth of the report.”

It is always especially gratifying to be recommended by a property professional, as we were in this case. They have since asked us to investigate the property of another client whose villa has suffered serious water damage on the ground floor. We have inspected this property and are currently in the process of preparing a detailed report on the case.

The Estate Manager, who passed these referrals on to us, later provided this testimonial:

“We have used Survey Spain on two occasions to date (once for a cracked swimming pool and the other for a large BBQ roof structure) and have always found them very thorough and professional on site and afterwards in producing a full written report of the survey with helpful solutions. We would recommend their services and we have in fact recommended them to another client for a house survey.”

The RICS Chartered Surveyors at Survey Spain Network can assist with all kinds of property matters: valuations, building surveys, structural surveys, building inspections, investment and development appraisals and cover the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca and all of mainland Spain and its islands.

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