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Survey Spain Case Study: Tornado causes flood damage to an apartment

By March 5, 2012No Comments

Spanish property in urbanisationMost people when buying property in Spain never think of extreme weather conditions and in particular flooding. However, sometimes the unexpected can happen.

Mr. B, who was about to purchase an apartment in Spain, was made aware that a tornado had hit the town of Alcaucín, causing flooding to the underground car park of the development, with the water level up to 15 feet high.

The developer sent him a structural report in Spanish, but it was very brief. Upon visiting the site, he noticed that further damage had been caused. It became quite clear that the damage was a lot more serious than the developer had initially stated.

As Mr. B had experienced other problems with the developer he decided to contact Survey Spain Network for assistance.

Survey Spain conducted an independent survey and report. Having professional surveyors acting on his behalf gave him complete peace of mind.

Read the complete case study below:

The purpose of this report is we are about to complete on a property. We have been made aware that a tornado went through Alcaucín over a year ago and flooded the underground parking; we believe the water level was up to 15 feet high. We were told that there was a structural report and were sent a copy which was in Spanish and was two pages long – brief to say the least. We then visited the site in Oct 2009 and noticed the smaller pool had considerably dropped to one side and there was a large crack on the outer SW wall. We now want to make sure that the property is sound before completion.

From what you say a full building defects report is what you require and we’ll be pleased to provide it. We will look at all elements of the property and give you a list of the problems. You’ll be able to use that to assist with negotiating reduction in the price of the property. We can look at it this week and will arrange that as soon as you confirm our instruction.

Originally instructed to investigate concerning possible common area structural and waterproofing defects that had occurred, we were also able to reassure the client regarding these. However, we discovered that poor legal representation prior to our involvement meant that Mr. B had to accept a different and lesser property than he had thought he was acquiring. We confirmed this to be the case and, whilst unable to change the ownership or obtain compensation, ensured that the property he acquired was completed to specification and not as ‘handed over’ by the developer.

“From the first contact I made with Survey Spain I felt I could trust what they told me. They carried out the survey as agreed on an apartment in Spain. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company in the future.” 

If you are thinking of buying a property anywhere in Spain, contact reliable experts to carry out a pre-purchase survey. It is not expensive and could save you a whole lot of money and heartache in the future.



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