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Property in SpainWhen companies based outside Spain are called upon by their clients to comment on or oversee important property negotiations in Spain, a lack of local knowledge can make them reconsider their competence to adequately work to their client’s full benefit.

The rules and regulations governing property vary from country to country and in Spain, region to region and town to town. It is impossible for overseas companies to give their clients the very best service and advice without already having gained hard won experience in that particular geographical area. The learning curve is just too steep, time inefficient and economically prohibitive for most transactions.

A London based firm of international premier estate agents found themselves in exactly this predicament regarding a client with property in Spain. So they searched for an English speaking company of property valuers based in Spain that would work to their high standards. They needed a trustworthy and reliable contact to assist them with their research for the benefit of the client. Their requirements were stringent, but Survey Spain managed to far exceed their expectations.

Answering a questionnaire afterwards, the firm’s representative answered as follows:

Why did you contact us?
It was in Southern Spain.

What did you need Survey Spain to do?
In relation to a property valuation, provide a market summary of the market local to the property and provide additional opinions as to property prices in the area.

What did they do?
The Survey Spain Network’s local surveyor in Costa Blanca not only offered her services in terms of discussing the local market, but also met with us when we were inspecting the property in Spain. She invested a lot of time in answering all of our questions and also provided us with a full, local market commentary as well as acting as a soundboard for our enquiries as to local regulations. She was available to us via email upon our return to London and, despite time constraints, turned around a market commentary in a matter of days.

How did it help you?
Due to the specific location of the property and the unreliability of information provided by local Spanish agents, we needed someone who could provide sound, local market knowledge in order to complete our investigations. As she had been living in the area and kept an eye on local property prices and transactions, she advised us accordingly. Using this information in conjunction with reliably-sourced transactional data, we were able to complete our valuation. Furthermore, whilst we were largely already aware of the local regulations and necessary investigations, her help proved invaluable in ensuring the accuracy of our research.

Were you please with the extent of the report provided?
The commentary as well as the additional help that she provided to us was concise, well-researched, timely and invaluable.

Would you recommend us to a friend?
Yes. Since returning from Spain, I have already recommended the services that Survey Spain can offer since it is essential in a market as volatile as that of Spain that local expert knowledge is sought in all matters.

Comment from Survey Spain:  It is especially pleasing to be able to assist fellow professionals. Our Network means that we can have local information throughout Spain and our surveyors work with a ‘professional conscience, always going the ‘extra mile’ and putting the needs of the client first.

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