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Energey Efficiency Certificates SpainWe’ve now successfully inspected our first villa for the CEE; organised the considerable amount of required info (down to colour of the window frames!); inputted it into the recently updated program; and pressed ‘Return’. It’s an ‘E’ with a figure of just over 50. Well that’s not too bad for here. No air conditioning, which would have decreased the efficiency, but equally no solar heating which would have bettered it. And if water and space heating was by biomass – it would have had an ‘A’ rating. That’s nuts, but that’s what the program gives.

Various obvious recommendations, such as improving the windows, renewing the boiler to a more efficient one, increasing insulation, etc, but nothing startling. I don’t think that a buyer is going to be put off by that, most of which is pretty obvious in any case.

Also pleased to know that the obligatory certificate just relates to the external ‘envelope’ of the property plus the heating/cooling process. The detailed internal construction, light fittings, demotics, etc are not included, which will make the whole process simpler, less time consuming and thus less expensive to carry out. However, it could be beneficial to have those facts recorded at the time of the survey as they can then be used to advise the new buyer on how they can be incorporated into improving the property when they carry out the inevitable personalising of their new ‘nest’. The small additional cost of that recording can be repaid many times over in reduced energy consumption and comfort.

So now the completed report, with all the info and calculations, is passed to the appropriate Colegio for their approval and stamp. Once that’s returned, the document is sent to the Junta’s CEE – Certificado de Eficiencia Energética  Registry office for approval and eventual delivery of the final certificate to the property owner. Then they can take that to the Notary, with all the other requirements and the sale/transfer of ownership can be registered.

Only three wee problems!

1.    How long is the Colegio going to take to review the initial submission? What’s to review? – They can’t check the facts of the property put in by the surveyor and the rest is automatically churned out by the computer program, which doesn’t allow any erroneous entries!
2.    How long is the Junta’s office going to take to issue the certificate? – I’ve been told that it hasn’t even been set up in Málaga and as I write this there are only 22 days to go until the 1st June when it is obligatory for any property transfer!
3.    According to the law, as of the 1st June 2013 the Notaries will not be permitted to agree any transfer of a property of more than 50 sq m if they are not presented with a Junta issued certificate. Having talked to a Notary today he says that’s still the case and they have received no further guidance from their Colegio.

If there is not to be chaos at the beginning of June, some ‘accommodation’ must be come to. Perhaps Notaries will be instructed to accept the initial surveyor’s report for a period until the whole system is set up. As new build properties have needed these certificates since 2007, I cannot see why all this couldn’t just have been added into that system. However, watch this space as new information comes forward.


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