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Energy Efficiency Certificates – the fog is clearing and now the Junta’s hurdles can be seen

By June 3, 2013No Comments

They may be a couple of days late, but the Junta now has a website where the applications can be submitted:

There is a form there that has to be signed by the property owner authorising the Junta to do what it has to do.

Great so that’s everything sorted out then? Unfortunately, No. There are another 2 forms. One of these is a two-page form, requiring the name of the owner and details of the property and the signature confirming that the owner has authorised the technical surveyor to submit the information to the Junta de Andalucía. The 2nd is an 8 page form, basically going through all the information that has already been submitted to gain the energy rating in the first place. That looks like needless duplication as the original has already been certified by the technician’s Colegio. Spanish bureaucracy at its best (worst). And, as yet, there is no mention made of a charge by the Junta for the privilege of completing the forms and submitting them for the final approval. In some areas a charge as low as 3€ euro has been mentioned, with others mentioning 30€ euro.

So, what’s the best way for the property owner/client to put all this information forward? Basically, it’s to get all the forms completed by the technical surveyor and get them all signed at the same time.

And remember, the selling/letting agent and owner are now 3 days late and technically in default if the certificate is not displayed in the marketing material!