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‘Tax to be varied according to the energy rating of the house!’

By June 25, 2013No Comments

We are still waiting to see the first Energy Certificate issued by the Junta de Andalucía. However, as a sign of things to come, we note that a Bill in Scotland regarding stamp duty (tax on the sale of a property) has had the following amendment proposed – ‘payment relief introduced which would see the tax vary according to the energy performance of a property as measured by Energy Performance Certificates.’

Make sure that the energy certificate survey is done accurately as it will surely affect taxes paid and house values in the future. A cheap surveyor may not even visit the house, just fill in the forms with the minimum from the Catastral certificate. A false saving that could cost dear in the future. It takes time to do it properly, so if the fee is less than 200€ euro you should begin to have your doubts. ………..

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