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RICS logoWhen employing a Surveyor, a firm ‘Regulated by RICS’ is reassuring as you then know that as well as providing the service you need, it is also regulated by an internationally renowned and respected professional body. In a world where people, governments, banks and organisations demand greater transparency and certainty of professional standards and values, attaining RICS ‘regulated’ status is the recognised mark of property professionalism.  

Survey Spain’s surveyors have all trained in the UK and met the RICS entry standards that ensure all applicants and all new entrants into the profession meet high levels of technical ability. Thereafter, RICS members have to demonstrate that they have experience and maintain the highest standards of the profession. Similarly, Survey Spain has carefully selected the RICS members of their Network to ensure that they have experience, not just in the UK, but of many years working in Spain.

A professional body has to go beyond the initial training to ensure that people who enter the profession don’t let their standards drop and so all members have to comply with the requirements of Continuing Professional Development training, through formal and informal courses and support from more experienced surveyors to meet legislative or regulatory requirements. That’s an added benefit of working in a Network rather than an isolated ‘one man band’ or simple partnership.

RICS regulation provides assurance to clients, markets and the general public that members and firms operate to the standards set out in RICS Rules of Conduct and that there are sanctions if they don’t. Survey Spain’s RICS approved procedures, philosophy and ethics are in place to provide for the protection of our clients.

Survey Spain meets other essential parts of complying with RICS regulation in having an approved Complaints Procedure and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Being advised by a Survey Spain Network RICS regulated Surveyor means that you can have:

•    Confidence that you are assisted by the highest professional authority in property and that you can always expect to be dealt with professionally.

•    Complete transparency in terms of business and fees charged for any work undertaken.

•    Peace of mind that you have recourse to a prescribed Complaints Handling Procedure, including appeal to independent arbitration.

•    Trust in the professional knowledge and skill of Survey Spain’s chartered surveyors, that they will advise with a ‘professional conscience’, and will include answering the questions you didn’t know to ask!