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Local Government offers grants for energy efficient businesses and homeowners

By April 1, 2014No Comments

Energy efficient businesses and homeownersThe regional Andalusian government has announced plans for grants for carrying out work to increase the energy efficiency of the property of businesses and homeowners, by installing energy efficient equipment that maximises the use of natural light or increases heat efficiency. In addition, it will also be available to those who install apparatus that uses renewable energy for lighting or heating /air conditioning.

The total fund, originating from the EU and managed by the Andalusian Agency for Innovation and Development, amounts to €200 million. People can start to make applications from the 1st of April, but as usual there are conditions.  The terms and conditions are as follows:

• Projects must involve work that costs more than €500.
• Projects to put in or replace equipment must cost more than €400.
• Grants will be 40-90% of the overall cost.
• For projects of less than €18,000 the grant will be deducted from the final construction cost.
• For projects that cost more than €18,000 part of the grant will be issued once 50% of the work has been completed.
• The only building companies eligible to carry out the work are ones that have previously applied to participate in this programme.
• Maximum grant given will be €200,000 for one project.

The grants will be issued on a first come, first served basis and will continue until the €200 million allocated for the scheme runs out.

Obviously, this will also be a boost to the local construction industry in a region that has been significantly hit by the crisis where it is expected to create up to 6,000 jobs.

Source – SUR in English.

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