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Top tips for avoiding property related currency exchange losses

By April 14, 2014No Comments

Anyone making currency transfers can be at the mercy of the latest currency fluctuation, which can leave you with a big shortfall regarding the amount of currency you may have expected to receive. This is particularly the case with big overseas transactions such as buying a property abroad, although the same applies to smaller regular transactions also.

Here are 5 tips to help you avoid losses:

1. Don’t use a bank
2. Discuss your currency needs well in advance of any transfer
3. Use a forward contract to fix the price of your currency exchange
4. Use a company where their traders are not paid on commission
5. Use a company where their currency specialists will provide expert knowledge regarding currency markets

These simple tips can make a massive difference to any currency exchange you are considering making.  Call Smart Currency today on +44 020 7898 0541 to find out more and how we can help you. Smart Currency will also send you a copy of their guide “A currency specialist’s guide to buying overseas property” explaining these tips above in detail.

Currency Exchange GuidePlease note that all Survey Spain clients that open an account with Smart Currency will be entitled to free currency transfers – no costs or fees whatever value of trade you do!

Our recommended currency exchange company

We strongly recommend that you make any payments using a currency exchange specialist such as Smart Currency Exchange. There are distinct benefits and reasons why.

As specialists, they are usually able to save you between 2 and 4% on the exchange rate and make minimal charges when compared to a high street bank. They can achieve this by not having the overheads of banks and by making exchanges based on live rates. They are also able to provide a dedicated manager with specialist experience in overseas property purchases to help you. Let them show you how they have saved our clients thousands of pounds on large sums as well as significant savings on regular payments.

Click here to open a free and no obligation account in just 2 minutes or call them on their direct line on +44  20 7898 0541 for more information.Smart currency exchange


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