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Damp in House Survey SpainWe are constantly seeing it in our building surveys of the condition of property for possible purchasers. Why don’t the architects and builders see it too and incorporate simple measures to avoid it. It’s the height of summer, but we are still coming across damp in buildings where none of the roof edges have gutters fitted. Thus, in the 8 wet months of the year, the rainwater cascades off the roof and is concentrated around the perimeter of the building. If there is ineffective drainage it is likely to pond there and penetrate into the structure and cause damp internally. Thus, by the installation of gutters and field drains around the perimeter, this source of damp can be removed. In the dry season, you should also ensure that irrigation systems do not spray onto the walls or concentrate water next to them as that just gives rise to the same problem. Irrigation of plants situated against the walls is also a source of damp, with their roots possibly penetrating the brickwork and thus creating an easier passage for damp to penetrate.


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