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At last! Developers and architects being held responsible for homes built without permission

By October 3, 2014No Comments

Survey Spain BlogNote especially:

‘But the judge in the Albox case went a step further, awarding damages to the owners for their issues. Developers and architects are liable for the payments. But if they can’t pay, the judge ordered the local town hall pick up the bill for failing to control the situation and lending “an appearance of legality” to illegal building.’

The buyer’s original solicitors should be accused of professional failure too as they had a ‘duty of care’ to their clients, even if they were acting for both sides as often was the case.

The other ‘scandal’ is that it should take all those years to reach a court decision, with appeals probable, which will just cost the home owners even more. Yes, they may get these costs refunded if they win, but they have to find the money in the first place and many buyers have put all their life savings into their new home.

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