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Holiday rental licences in Spain Survey SpainThis will affect the finances of many prospective property buyers. However, as often happens, there is uncertainty as to when and if it will come into effect in different areas of the country, who it applies to and how it will work.

The uncertainty is shown by this recent extract from Kyero’s Newsletter

The consequence (of private owners not being subject to the same regulation or liability as hotels … and in many cases were renting without declaring the income) last year was new legislation that attempted to appease hotel owning lobbyists and tackle undeclared holiday rental income. Established at the discretion of regional councils and commonly delegated at city level, revised laws that require a licence to legally offer a property for holiday rental have either been put in place or are still taking form.

Catalonia was one of the first to introduce a new licence system but last week its capital city’s council (Barcelona) actually suspended the granting of holiday rental licences altogether, blaming a lack of resources to implement or monitor the system. And just last weekend, Andalucia’s planned legislation announcement failed to materialise as debate intensified on the strictness of its regulations.

It’s a shame that such a vital part of the economy is being exposed to inconsistent messaging and regulation, when all owners and holidaymakers want are simple, fixed rules that provide landlords with a definite structure to rent their properties and prospective renters a safe environment to take their breaks.



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