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Two British-owned homes are scheduled to be demolished in Almería.

By November 11, 2014No Comments

Home-demolition AlmeriaComment on a report that two British-owned homes are scheduled to be demolished in Almería.

Publicising such actions in a dramatic way penalises the 1,000’s of people who have bought sensibly in Spain and are enjoying it as they should. It’s extremely rare for there to be a situation like this where demolition is ordered and it can only be because the property is in a dangerous or specially protected area. All this energy is spent going against the faceless Junta and the Courts, when all they are doing, very belatedly, is enforcing the laws and regulations that are made for the good of us all. Very belatedly and that’s why there are these social problems.

However, all this energy by owners, AUAN and the like should be direct towards the ‘faces’ that are known to have benefited from each corrupt deal. The individual landowners and their families, politicians, lawyers, architects, technical architects, estate agents, bank managers, notaries, etc involved should firstly be blacklisted and that information put for all to see. Picket their offices and homes and not the offices of the Junta and Courts. Keep it legal to keep the moral high ground. Then, if the authorities won’t do it, there should be private prosecutions taken against them leading to their assets being embargoed while the case is fought and then seized as compensation when it is won. Yes, it takes years and money and energy, but theirs is the blame and they should be brought to social justice. Follow the money, affect their future business and get personal. It’s the only way you’ll have any justice.

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