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Estate Agency is a major industry on Costa del Sol

By October 22, 2015No Comments

express-estate-agentsI was recently asked how many estate agents are there on Costa del Sol, so I did a little research. I checked on the information on one multi-listing site that has 683 monthly subscription paying members. They must be actively working or they wouldn’t be paying their subs. That number has risen by about 10% since I last looked a few months ago. Here are my findings

  • There are 24,974 properties listed in this multiple listing agency, which does not permit duplication (although some does creep in!).
  • That equates to 37 properties for each agency.
  • When checking 73 (11%) of these agencies (only those beginning with A and B!), I found there to be 244 agents, which is an average of 3.3 agents per office.
  • Of these 20 were single agents, 14 were couples and 39 were multiples, of which the largest had 27 agents listed.
  • Applying the multiple to the number of agencies indicates a total of 2,283 agents active on Costa del Sol.
  • Those are just the contact agents, with there being many other people working within their offices not involved in sales, but who are involved in many other parts of running the business

That’s just one multi-listing agency and the members were predominantly expats. The total number must be huge.

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