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Housing stock Costa del SolThe Andalucía Parliament has approved to regularise the 25,000 illegal homes in Andalucía. The new regulation which counted with the abstention of Podemos and IU and the support of PSOE, PP and Ciudadanos enters into vigour after a year of debating. In Málaga province there are between 6,000 and 10,000 irregular plots.

The Andalucía Parliament today approved the modification of the Andalucía Urban Ordination Law (LOUA in Spanish), to regularise some 25,000 illegal homes, 8% of the total in the region which reached some 300,000 at the last census.

The new regulation fixes controls on the type of home which can start the regularisation process; only isolated residential buildings on non-buildable land, which have been constructed for more than 6 years, are not on flood plains, or declared by the Junta as special protection and are not pending demolition.

The grand majority of these constructions are in the Málaga district of Axarquía and in Almería the Almanzora, although a good number were constructed during the real estate boom in Cádiz province, and all these can now register as owners of the property and be supplied with basic services of water and power.

Owners must in return adopt urgent measures to correct or eliminate environment and landscape damage and to not abuse water resources.

It also obliges the Town Halls to start, within the next two years, a draft of advanced planning to incorporate the new homes which have been regularised.

All the parliamentary groups managed to introduce amendments of distinct legal modification, which was underlined by the councillor for the Environment and Territorial Ordination, José Fiscal, who thanked their participation in the development of the project, as well as the social agents.

According to Fiscal, the changing of the regulation responded to the needs of the citizens and to offer ‘real and efficient solutions, despite the logical differences’ between parties.

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