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Promotion for Campbell Ferguson of Survey SpainSurvey Spain is proud to be a part of‘s online conference from 5th-10th November. Here Campbell will be discussing the importance of instructing a survey when buying a property in Spain.

Are you moving to Spain? Do you have a holiday home here? Have you just arrived? What are the key pieces of information you need to know?

Costa Women and Avenue Coaching and Consulting are hoping to help you and answer your key questions in their free event It will be the largest online conference for anyone moving to, or dreaming about Spain.

The event is taking place from 5th-10th November and is in collaboration with Euro Weekly News Media Group.

Expert Advice

There will be more than 20 interesting and value-packed conversations with experts. They will share their knowledge of topics such as buying a property, the school system, having a business in Spain, legal requirements, and much more.

Tiina Wilen of Avenue Coaching and Consulting said “as a family who is planning to relocate to Spain, there are so many questions we need clarity in before and during the process. So I wanted to create this fun and valuable event to offer easy access to the experts who daily help families like ours. Also, when I started
planning this, I know I wanted to partner up with Ali Meehan to create this amazing experience”

Ali Meehan of Costa Women said “we wanted to bring together a team of experts who could answer the questions many of us asked when we first arrived. Our speakers are qualified to give the correct information to make it easy for you to transition from Foreigner, to Inpat (an integrated Expat) in as short a space of
time as possible, with the right facts and information.”

Register for your free ticket here:

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