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Well, so it’s going to happen. The biggest change to our UK expat lives, as we will justifiably be treated as non-Europeans on the first of February, with it actually happening at the end of the year.  It’ll be a big

change for the EU too and we have to hope that UK and EU make decisions that will allow us to continue our lives in this wonderful  country as we have done.

What will it do to the expat property market, which has been dominated by the UK buyers for so long? Many more may arrive, feeling that the UK is no longer the place they want to live, and with the immediately stronger £ v € euro enabling them to buy better. Depending upon how the Governments treat us with residence, health, tax, etc., there may be many expats who will feel they have to leave, though again, the exchange rate will mean their UK income will enable them to live here a little better.