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Monopoly Knockout – Costa del Sol – April 2020
To raise funds for Rotary Marbella-Guadalmina
for distribution to local food, homeless, children, etc, charities. 

TO – All Estate Agents, Property Finders, Lawyers, Notaries and others directly involved with property on Costa del Sol and Inland. 


1. Game: 

  • 1.1.  APP available on Apple, Android and Google – Hasbro Monopoly App by Marmalade Game Studio. 
  • 1.2.  There is a charge of less than 5€ euro to download. This goes to Marmalade and Not Rotary. 
  • 1.3.  Practice with Single Player. 
  • 1.4.  Play the Classic Board Game QUICK version, which reduces the time, as it finishes after the first
    person is declared Bankrupt. It instantly calculates the wealth of each person.

2. Charity Payment: 

  • 2.1. A minimum of 10€ euro paid by each player direct bank-to-bank to Rotary Marbella-Guadalmina Charity account – Banca March account ‘RCMG -Charity a/c’ IBAN EC62 0061 0254 6200 2577 0119 

(Regretfully Credit Card payment is not possible)

3. Format: 

  • 3.1. Groups of 4 players play against each other as individuals, with the winner and runner-up of each game progressing to the next round. 
  • 3.1.1. The Player will have two days to play the game.
  • 3.2. Survey Spain will send the names and mobile numbers of the players in your Group. 
  • 3.2.1. The First Named will be responsible for Creating the Game (See below)

4. Choose: 

  • 4.1. Put your name in the black lozenge at the top right.
  • 4.2. Play
  • 4.3. Online with Friends
  • 4.4. Create Game (First named only) 
  • 4.4.1. Other 3 players enter the code sent to you by First. 
  • 4.5.  Quick 
  • 4.6.  Board Location – UK 
  • 4.7.  Classic City 
  • 4.8.  First sends the room code to the three others – best by WhatsApp as that will allow you all to be on
  • 4.9. ALL READ THE QUICK MODE RULES – the App automatically plays by them. 
  • 4.10. When all are entered, First taps ‘Ready’ and off it goes. 
  • 4.10.1. Note that it plays quickly! 
  • 4.10.2. Quick Mode Rules can be seen at any time by taping the Gear Icon at lower left.

5. Result: First sends the names of the Winner and Second to Survey Spain and they are entered into the next round.
Prizes will be won (as long as we get sponsorship), but all will have property fun during this lockdown time. 

Apply to Survey Spain Network to Register for the Monopoly League 

  1. Send email ‘MONOPOLY’ to (NO Facebook or WhatsApp please) 
  2. Maximum of two individuals from each firm’s office. 
  3. Send individual’s Name/Nickname, name of the firm, mobile number for WhatsApp or player’s email, needed for game passwords and as the League progresses.


Tell all colleagues and friends about it and get them to Register. 

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