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We all know where we are and where we’ll be for some time longer, so I won’t dwell on that. 

But what are your plans for when we are ‘released’?

It’s bound to be gradual, but eventually there will be a day when we can have breakfast and coffee at a bar, then lunch in a restaurant and meet the mates in the evening.

Attitudes are going to be different and we will all be tested and tested again, until we’ve all had it.

Even then, the tactile among us will find it strange as we all make Buddhist style bows. Maybe these guys had dealt with a few viruses in the past!

Property plans will all depend upon the resumption of demand.

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveys (RICS), which regulates the work and ethics of Survey Spain, have a nice way of putting things at a time like this when there is little sales evidence.

They request valuers incorporate in their reports the phrase, ‘material valuation uncertainty’. Now there’s an understatement for you!

I’ll tell you where we are. We will be continuing to provide valuations based upon discounted asking prices, and agreed sale prices where these are supplied by pre-acquisition building survey clients and other reliable sources.

We consider that these will reflect the current market more accurately than if we were relying on comparison to historic valuations or registered sales.

However, having carried out considerable research for our Quarterly Report, which will be ready in a few days’ time, some agents and some lawyers are reporting deals being concluded, if the notary can be persuaded that it’s essential and urgent.


In addition, people in Northern parts of Europe are still surfing the internet and deciding that they, and often their family, have ‘gotta get out of this place’, as soon as possible.

They have had time to reflect on life and many will be realising that their ‘work/life balance’ is wrong, and that they don’t have to be tied to an office, a commute and a strict 9 to 5.

If they’re British they’ll also know that Brexit (remember that?) is going to happen sometime soon, and if they want to move to an EU country, they’d better get researching where and how, now.

So, Survey Spain’s plans are to let everyone know that we are here. Yes, many buyers in Spain do have a survey before they put their money down.

We are marketing our experienced professional snagging services to new build buyers, before they finally sign.

Many might not be able to fly here for some time, but we are now allowed to go out and inspect property on their behalf to make sure that the construction complies completely with the details of the agreed specification, quality and finish.

In addition, expert witness valuations will continue to be required for disputed property values in the courts in UK and many other countries where RICS valuations are demanded.

We are looking forward to working again. It’s what we’re here for.

Contact us at or call 00 34 952 923 520

First published in Olive Press, 18th April 2020.


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