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Why do you need a Building Survey? Well, you can’t live in an Escritura (Title Deed), you are buying the building, not just the legal paperwork.

Responsible buyers will make sure that all the paperwork is 100% correct, but remember you are buying the building and you must check that it is 100% correct too.

Whether a resale property or a new one, it’s essential as a buyer that you have it checked for defects prior to purchase so that you know what you are taking on and theA close up view on the arm of a professional man wearing a short sleeved blue shirt, filling out papers during a building survey remedial works and costs that might involve. This is especially the case with off-plan and new build properties, where a ‘snagging’ building survey will ensure that the property has been built to specification and the work is up to standard. The developer will have had the property ‘snagged’ before taking it over from the building contractor, but that has possibly been done by an agent or some other party paid by the developer and who, perhaps, will not delay their sales commission and so not want to slow the sale signing at the Notary by pointing out defects.

Many buyers, when told that there is a ‘decennial’ insurance policy, assume that covers the majority of defects. Buyers should know that it only normally only covers structural defects in the building, and not leaks, services defects, or the like; nor does it cover outbuildings, roads, retaining walls, etc.

It can be very hard to get completion/remedial work carried out after all the money has been paid. We’ve had clients who have been told by agents that it will all be dealt with by the community administrator. However, buyers should be aware that initially, especially in an apartment development, the administrator is likely to be appointed by the developer and, if apartments haven’t been sold, the developer is likely to have the majority of votes and/or proxies to be able to control the decisions of the community.

All these matters can be covered by a Building Survey carried out by Survey Spain Network’s surveyors.

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