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With Brexit coming into effect on 1 January 2021, relocating to Spain during this time can seem chaotic and unsure. Luckily, there are plenty of ways for those relocating to Spain to get ready for the impending Brexit transition, and successfully settle into their new home.

While the UK officially left the EU on 31 January 2020, this year has been a time of transition for the UK and its citizens and this transition process will end on 1Seville, Spain skyline in the Old Quarter. January 2021.

Travellers leaving Britain will need to take note of reformed customs regulations, travel stipulations, and reformed citizenship and residency laws. This adjustment also applies to UK residents who spend vacations or work in Spain.

During this transitional period, the UK has been drafting formal agreements with all countries, including Spain, outlining how travel will change due to their succession. Until those clear changes are public knowledge, residents of Spain and UK residents who plan on moving to Spain can take their own action.


If you currently live in Spain, you need to ensure that you have the correct paperwork so that your rights remain the same. While you have many rights as a UK citizen living or working in Spain, the core pillars of your newly protected rights are as follows:

  • Those who are simultaneously British citizens and legal residents of Spain will be free to continue to live and work in Spain
  • Those who have pensions in the UK will still have access to healthcare if they continue to live in Spain.
  • UK citizens living in Spain will be able to exchange their current driver’s license without having to retake a driver’s test. Additionally, their Spanish license will be accepted in the UK.


If you’re planning on holidaying in Spain for less than 90 days during a six-month period, your travel plans will resume as normal. But if you plan on spending more than 90 days in Spain over a six-month period, there will likely be significant changes to typical travel plan components like visas, passports, and customs regulations.

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