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Market update from an estate agent in Andalucía concentrating on inland properties.

“We are extremely busy and don’t tour buyers who are looking for major discounts. It’s a waste of time as most sellers have agreed on the price and will only discount by a token 1 or 2%”

Narrow street with houses in white Andalusian village with typical Spanish architecture, Zahara de la Sierra, Spain

Survey Spain Note

We valued one of their properties recently and noted that the asking price had dropped by 17% immediately prior to that agency starting to market. It appears, therefore, that agency is able to you persuade the clients to reduce the price to a realistic market figure before they start marketing it.

Survey Spain reports contain the following clause, which might be helpful.

‘Repairing the defects mentioned in this report will be a cost, which, depending upon their urgency and the buyer’s preference, may be required immediately or spread over months or even years. If they have not already been taken into account in the asking price for the property, there are the options of the seller volunteering to correct them prior to sale or negotiating a discount to compensate for these costs. Buyers should know that every property will be ‘less than perfect’ and that should be borne in mind when comparing alternative purchases.’

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