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Banks will now give better mortgage rates for houses that have a better energy rating.

Before you get too excited, that’s in Ireland, but it shows that energy ratings are going to become increasingly important. Many properties in the coastal areas of Spain are offered with ‘Energy Certificate Pending’, and the unprofessional agent stating that it will be provided at the notary. Not only is that against the law, with an energy certificate being required as soon as marketing commences, in the same way as a Nota Simple is, it’s a needless delay as the energy certificate lasts for 10 years.

And it is important for buyers. With energy costs rising much more rapidly than inflation, the costs of heating Home energy efficiency ratingthe house, or chilling it depending upon the season, are becoming significant if not crucial to the economic stability of staying in a property.

Environmentally, they are vitally important as encouragement to improve the insulation, modernise to more efficient, carbonless fuels, and reduce energy costs. The resulting reduction of carbon dioxide creation, is something we all have a duty to do in all sectors of our lives.

So next time you look at a house, demand the energy certificate, as asking you to wait until you’re signing and paying for the property is just not right, and are they hiding something?

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