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In the process of buying a house, your lawyer is responsible for ensuring all paperwork is correct. However, if the property has not been accurately described or has physical defects, these will be missed and as a buyer, you will inherit the inconvenience and expense of fixing any future problems.

Building work may have been carried out that isn’t reflected in the paperwork, and perhaps did not have the appropriate license. There may be structural, other building problems, or squatters, which only become apparent after you have purchased.

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The role of a surveyor is equally as important as a lawyer. To help you to determine whether you’re making a good investment it’s always advisable to instruct a building survey and valuation before signing any contracts.

Currently, due to travel restrictions, many buyers from the UK and other non-EU countries are still unable to visit Spain to view properties. As independent and trusted professionals, Survey Spain can inspect properties for potential buyers.

  • For minimum report, we can undertake a drive-by survey and provide a summary about the general area and any potential cautions.
  • For a more in-depth approach, we will complete a full building survey or condition inspection, with detailed comments on everything about the property, as though we were going to buy and live in it ourselves.
  • Snagging Surveys are essential for off-plan property buyers. Once the First Occupation Licence has been granted, lawyers will inform the buyer that they must complete and pay for the property. But, how does an overseas buyer know the property they have bought has been finished in full to the agreed specification? A Snagging Survey will report on all that and any defects found.
  • Our valuation expertise extends across many sectors, including residential, commercial, leisure and business property valuation. We provide all types of reports including Current Market Valuations, Mortgage Valuations, Asset Valuations for Financial Reporting, Development and Investment Appraisals and Expert Witness Valuations for Courts

At Survey Spain we have completed thousands of snagging, building survey and valuation reports; we know the regulations and conventions; and what should be and what should not be accepted. We’re completely independent of developers, builders and estate agents. They are all dependent on the sale going through to receive their payment, and may not be as diligent when it comes to detail and quality as we will be. We work 100% for our client.

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