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National law states that properties over 50 years old must have a technical inspection to ensure the structural stability – Inspección Técnica de Edificios (ITE), which is required to be renewed every 10 years thereafter. It is the stated intention to extend it eventually to the whole of Spain. Owners of buildings close to or older than 50 years should therefore anticipate that such certificate will be required in the near future.

However, Municipalities have been given the right to reduce the period below 50 years and add further renewal inspections, so that there is the possibility that a similar inspection will be required for properties even as ‘young’ as 20+ years old and subsequent revisions every 7 years. For example, on Costa del Sol, Estepona require the inspection after only 30 years and Mijas is even younger after 25 years. On Costa Blanca, Orihuela and Santa Pola demand them 40 years after a property is built.

In addition to the structure, apartment buildings will be assessed as to their suitability for disabled and also their CEE energy rating.

Property sales probably will not be registered without the appropriate Certificate.


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