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A recent newsletter regarding relaxation of urban planning restrictions, stated, ““Environmentalists and other left-leaning political parties and associations ….”

Not all environmentalists are left leaning! There has to be regulations, as a free-for-all, would quickly ruin everybody’s outlook, and the environment that brought us here.Protect the environment

The concern is that money will control everything, and havens like Costa de la Luz, will be ruined. Wherever there is a beauty spot, somebody will want to develop it, so the few can benefit, but everyone else has that area ruined. Often the beneficiaries are the developer and contractor, who live elsewhere, but would not allow such in their own backyard. There must be a policy for the greater good, which is why there are planning regulations worldwide.

Environmentalists are in fact protecting the values of the existing properties. As we can see now, new developments are restricting the values of resale properties, by over provision.

The post-covid increase in demand, with Madrileños and other northern city dwellers, now living in their holiday homes and commuting occasionally for meetings, will restrict the supply and increase demand, so that any surplus will soon disappear. This surge is a one off occurrence, but there must be planned expansion to cater for it, to maintain the quality of life for us all.

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