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Divorce, Inheritance, and Tax financial settlements involving the
value of Spanish property, often lead to Court proceedings around the world.
Survey Spain are qualified Expert Witnesses in providing current market
valuations of property in Spain to assist Courts in deciding the equitable
share of assets, or no more than the appropriate tax due to be paid on their
value. We are independent of both parties and our Duty of Care is to the
Court. Below market valuations, such as a mortgage valuation normally
provided by a tasador in Spain, can lead to unfairness, lengthy and costly
disputes and even tax fines. Mortgage valuations are different from the
value a buyer would pay and that is accepted by the Courts.


Survey Spain are Registered Valuers, internationally regulated by the Royal
Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), complying with the rules of the
International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC), which is the independent
global standard setter for the valuation profession. With Divorce,
Inheritance (Probate), and Tax Disputes, often an independent professional
valuation by an internationally respected valuer, will allow the Court
proceedings to be settled quickly, reducing the costs and stress to all

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