Real Estate Fair sees announcement of more development in Malaga province

Who is benefiting from this development? The natural and living quality of the area is being constantly eroded. Surveys need to be carried out of –

1. Sellers of property – What is the reason for the sale?

I suspect many will state that the place is not what they bought into and they are moving because of over development – How soon will it be before new buyers make that decision before they buy and don’t come here at all?

2. Who benefits from the development?

  • Not the existing communities because the extra money that the Ayuntamientos get is required to provide the extra infrastructure and facilities that the new development requires.
  • The few landowners who sell their land and then go to live elsewhere away from ‘development’!
  • The construction teams – most of them only come here for the work and will move away if it dries up.
  • The existing businesses – yes, but again that’s few against the many.
  • The owners of the promotion and construction companies – most are based in Sevilla or Madrid or certainly outside of Costa del Sol – they don’t have to live with the daily disruption and pollution of all kinds that their development causes. Also they don’t have to live with the permanent destruction of green rural landscapes and simple lifestyles that brought people here in the first place. If visitors wanted concrete they can stay in their home towns and see that!
  • The politicians who gain favour from their friends by granting permissions.

Stop the over development

  • retain what’s left of the environment and lifestyle attractions –
  • work on improving what’s here rather than increasing –
  • go for quality not quantity – it will benefit those living here and visitors.
  • For property values – increase the attraction, (demand), but restrict the supply will increase the values of existing property.
  • It’s a win-win solution.
  • But which politician has the cojones to tell his ‘friends’ that he is not going to give them planning permission!?