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Is it complimentary or complementary?

In a recent discussion of the RICS website, the question was asked, “Is it complimentary or complementary?” In Spain we have a much more awkward situation. Building Survey/Home Inspection and Valuation/Appraisal clients have been hit by the ‘complementaria’, which is an extra tax. For up to 5 years after you’ve bought or sold a property, the taxman can come along and say that you’ve paid too little, put their value on what you should have paid, and demand tax with interest on the difference between what you bought/sold the property for and their value!

You have one month to appeal or their valuation stays and you have to pay the tax. To appeal, you then need to prove that the sale price was appropriate to the market, usually by getting a valuation report. If the taxman doesn’t accept that, a second valuer is called in, also paid for by you, and their decision is final. All done to catch cash payments not recorded on the title, but deeply unfair for the average, especially as they often ignore the run down nature of the property or special circumstances of a sale. You are guilty of fraud unless you can prove you are innocent. That’s not how the law is supposed to work.

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