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auto-and-home-insurance6The consequences of being underinsured are often a reduced payment from an insurer when you need it most. Research clearly shows that most homeowners greatly underestimate the value of their general contents and possessions, as the following case studies show:

Case Study 1                                     Case Study 2

Hall                                                      € 2,750                                                 € 1,410

Study                                                   € 29,800                                              € 4,490

Lounge/dining room                        € 37,100                                               € 34,950

Conservatory                                      € 11,800                                               € 4,805

Kitchen                                                € 6,600                                                € 6,060

Master Bedroom                                € 23,940                                              € 15,110

Bedroom 2                                          € 9,000                                                € 2,100

Bedroom 3                                          € 7,780                                                 n/a

Other items                                         € 30,050                                              € 32,085

Utility room                                         € 1,750                                                 € 815

Outside & garage                                € 13,200                                               € 6,500

Client estimate of value             € 100,000                                      € 60,000

Actual value                                    € 173,770                                        € 108,325

% Underinsured                               58%                                                   55%

In the examples shown a contents claim of €50,000 would have resulted in a claims settlement of €29,000 in Case study 1, and €25.000 in Case study 2. You can, therefore, see the grave danger that being underinsured presents at a time when you need your insurance policy to perform.

Underinsurance is the consequence of many factors, including:

• Accumulation – our possessions grow over time, and we tend to purchase more personal effects, such as jewellery, cameras, sports equipment, clothes, laptops etc.
• Prices change – generally speaking upwards, and in the case of art, antiques and jewellery, often at a significant pace.
• Our interests broaden – leading to collections of various types.
• Our leisure pursuits require the purchase of expensive equipment – golf clubs, skis, surfboards etc.
• Children happen – and with them comes a whole new variety of toys, gadgets etc.

The best way to ensure you are insured correctly is to systematically go through each room in your house and list what it would cost to replace each item – including clothes, curtains, linen etc.

Most claims are for partial losses, however, if you suffered a total loss could you replace your home and all your contents and possessions for the figure currently quoted in your policy?

Act now to ensure you are not a victim of underinsurance. If you are unsure whether your current level of insurance is adequate, please contact us on 952 882 273 or and we will be happy to advise you.

This article was written by Op de Beeck & Worth Insurance Brokers,